Pedro’s S14 pt. II

It’s been some time now but I’m back and in the last couple of weeks I have fallen back in love with the idea of having my words accompany my photos. If you are a photographer I’m sure you have experienced a moment where you are just not as excited about the photos you are […]

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VIP Fest 12

This is now my second time making the trip down south to SD and honestly it made me want to come down each and every year. As usual I strolled in a couple hours late but it was fine because the weather was perfect, had my family with me and even got to enjoy a […]

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Club Handz II

I was super stoked when my friends told me about this event. From what I knew it was a small private event, but in my experience those always end up being the best! I received the invite from the homies from the South, Chula Vista to be exact, who were coming up to support Mike […]

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Jimmy Up’s Sunday Funday

I was going to do a huge write up on the Jimmy Up event but you should already know that it was going to be awesome, so what I’ll do is let the photos from the day speak for themselves. Just want to give thanks to Mikey for putting together a rad event and bringing […]

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WekFest : LA 2018

Since my return to Southern California from New Zealand I have been doing a whole lot of relaxing at home with my Mrs, the dogs and by the BBQ, but I made it a point to drive down from the Hills Chino to Los Angeles for the “premiere automotive gathering” known none other than WekFest. […]

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