Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

I don’t even really know how to begin this because it’s been really hard for me to jot down words to explain my first ever trip to Japan and then to kick it off with Tokyo Auto Salon. As far back as I can remember picking up tuner magazines back in the states I have […]

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Jared Croft’s PANDEM GTR

I don’t think that I am the best photographer but I do pride myself in thinking that over time my skill has increased and that is due to the fact that I’m super passionate about the art and I enjoy always doing my own thing. This was a conversation had while on set Jared Croft […]

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CHACHACHA with Alex and Zen

I really had it all planned out in my head that I would keep it consistent with weekly posts here on the blog when I got to NZ but I’ve just been enjoying having weekends off so much and exploring the surrounding areas that I kinda put my postings to the side. With that said […]

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DTP with Pedro’s S14

The power of social media is crazy, you can literally make friends from complete strangers. I remember as a kid my parents would tell me all the time to not talk to strangers and especially anyone from the internet. Well look at me now, it’s 2017 and I can say that all of my good […]

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