Damo’s New(ish) Look

In November of last year the homie Damian had his Silvia sprayed for a completely new look with aero and all. On this day we met up my homie Alex from back home in Cali had flown over to spend a few days down under. It was cool to be able to link up these 2 friends of mine from across the world and all hang out and have a chat, film a quick vlog, snap a few pictures and head out to grab some burgers and beers.

Sadly this was the last documented photos of this particular engine set up becuase after a couple pulls up and down the street Damo actually completely fucked his motor and has since then swapped it with an even better and more durable set up.

Follow up with Damo in IG at @firstnamedamo and check out his @keepingitsimplestyle page for some rad merch and a glimpse of the drift world through his eyes.


Check out the overseas edition Shake and Bake video we made of our hang.