Brad Howe’s S15

To me this Silvia is such a great representation of the perfect balance a “streetable” track car with simple styling. The homie Brad Howe in AU definitely hit the nail on the head with this car. I first saw this thing rip at an Archie’s track day a few weeks before and with Brad behind the wheel the car looks a lot cooler going sideways and throwing smoke.

As always it’s really cool to me when friends dust of their machines and shine the tires up for me to grab some photos on a random afternoon. With the current state of the world with all this COVID shit I honestly just really miss going out and meeting with the homies to grab some photos.

I have lots more features and some event coverage that is going scheduled to be posted up due the massive amount of time I have on my hands at the moment since we are all bunkered down in our cribs. Enjoy this post and the rest that are coming up!


Extra 35mm film shots 

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