One Night Stand with Marcus and his Mark II

This is another throwback post from back when I was living in New Zealand. The story behind this photoshoot is one of patience, both on my end for waiting almost the entire time I was living in NZ, and one of the owner, Marcus, who had been waiting and gathering parts to throw at his new (back in 2018) look for his Mark II. Before I made the move across the world I had already knew of Marcus and his drift machine which made it one of the cars on the top of my lists to shoot. After a year of me bugging I finally got the chance to get my 1 chance to shoot this rad Mark II the night before I left NZ. marcus_markii-2I spent the year getting updates via IG for the year on the entire rebuild of this car after a “small” track incident. It was actually tough to see the car as it is in these photos since the photos happened in nearly pitch black conditions and I was running and hopping around with a LED bar. After the exposures it was cool to see the fresh white paint and black accents on the car and on the Origin Racing Line kit.
marcus_markii-318×9.5 CST’s with 235/40ZR18 Achilles 123S semi slick tyresmarcus_markii-81JZGTE with high flowed CT15 turbo pushing 380HP on low boost (14psi)

630cc Sard injectors

Blitz/Greddy intercooler

HPI downpipe & 3″ exhaust

Profec B boost controllermarcus_markii-9MOMO steering wheel

(2) BRIDE Zeta 1marcus_markii-10marcus_markii-4marcus_markii-6DMAX coilovers, adjustable arms and solid bushings

TRD 2 way diffmarcus_markii-7marcus_markii-12It was awesome to get this one chance to grab these photos and hang with Marcus before I left the country. It was also nice to get a car that was fresh out of the paint and body phase and somewhat free of any drift damage. One day I’ll make my way back to that beautiful country and hopefully see it in the day time and hopefully on track going sideways.

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