Issa Wrap: Rodney’s X8

Back in April I stopped by to see my homie Rodney at work. I had gone to get some video and photos of a car that he was laying some vinyl on but I stayed to get a look at his “new” look for his Cressida. See just a couple days before he had just finished putting the new two-tone wrap (yes issa wrap) on his car and I wanted to get some shots before he inevitably smashed it up. There are digital photos to pair these but since Rodney is all about that 90’s Forever life so I decided that it was time to release these scans from that day.

rodney.35mm-7rodney.35mm-4Knowing I was a fan of savoury pies, we went to grab some at this spot he recommended just down the street. Since the pies were made to order I decided to just whip out the Fuji DL400 and see what I could snap before the pies were out of the oven.

rodney.35mm-2rodney.35mm-3rodney.35mm-8Don’t get it twisted, this is a Cressida, but Rodney has opted to do a JDM front end conversion and throw on the front of a GX81 Mark II. Some other parts from Japan are the beautiful not smashed (at this time) BN-Sports full aero kit.

rodney.35mm-9rodney.35mm-6rodney.35mm-11rodney.35mm-13Over the years I’ve had the chance to catch Rodney at events and really push himself and this car around the track. With that there comes the occasional love “tap” and demolished aero so it was nice to get these photos of his machine in show car spec.


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