Spring Matsuri 2019 at Queensland Raceway

The time has finally come to do my first actual Australian blog post. It’s a shame that I never got to it considering I’ve visited this beautiful country twice before and attended drift events both those times. For some reason I never really felt comfortable with the content I previously gathered but more recently I have adapted this philosophy to not really think to much about the final image but rather just make sure to really capture the moment at hand. Just in doing that I find that I’m much happier with what I capture, I also have drastically reduced the amount of gear I take with me out to events so it gives me more opportunities to take photos instead of fumbling around through a camera bag and missing the action. So with that said I’ve managed to produce this collection of photos from the 2019 Spring Matsuri held at none other than Queensland Raceway.

springmatsuri2019-5First order of business was to meet up with the new homie Damian, who is the driver of this Silvia and the operator of S-Chassis  a page that is dedicated to the love and appreciation the chassis it’s named after. Sadly Damian was not driving but that didn’t stop him from prepping like he was going to. He managed to throw on his entire kit minus the rear bumper, fit the wheels up and even sneak in a wheel alignment just in time to make the cruise up at 7 am to the track. I wish had a grabbed a photo of his car parked at the venue but trust me when I say this wont be the last time his car graces this site. Let’s just say that this machine will look completely transformed in the next few weeks.springmatsuri2019-11



springmatsuri2019-16The name “Street Stalker” comes from when back in the day I would snap shots of cars and find out who the owners were on IG or Facebook and stalking them from the streets and making my way to their DM’s just to give them the photos I took. But back in the days I would also cruise through lots of sites that had content from Australia. This is where my attention really gravitated too as it seemed like everyone was having a blast putting together simple track cars and thrashing them around at small track events or just streeting with friends. Some of these early sites I would constantly visit were Shirtstuckedin, Nice Vibe, Auszoku and of course my friends from NZ, Riverside. To me all these cars and blog posts were so cool because they were styling cars very differently than from what I was seeing in SoCal.

To me this side of the world was doing something cool that I really wished I could see first hand one day. Fast forward a few years later and here I am. just the fact that I am out here and seeing some of these dudes and meeting them and checking out their machines just blows my mind. springmatsuri2019-18

springmatsuri2019-68Car Make Revive has been a page that I’ve followed for some time now and to have some of my own collection of photos of their display cars is so rad to me. I sometimes go into fanboy mode over some of these cars but it’s only because of the anticipation of seeing them first hand after months or even years of stalking online. Like this LS powered 180sx for example. looks unassuming to most but the driver has engineered this chassis to be low and aggressive and super functional as a track machine while looking cool at the same time. springmatsuri2019-69

springmatsuri2019-17Silvia + small wheels + low & wide + Supermade Instant Gentleman = COOL AS FUCK!!springmatsuri2019-20



springmatsuri2019-24Was really stoked to see this S15 in the paddock and later on track. Also Had the opportunity to shake hands with the owner, Dillon, finally after a few weeks of me blowing up his DM’s bugging him for a chance to get a photo session set up. Looking forward to get some photos of this Silvia, especially with post track day damage. springmatsuri2019-27





springmatsuri2019-32This is actually the first time I’ve seen a car wash station at a track day, but it makes so much sense to keep cool cars clean. springmatsuri2019-34


springmatsuri2019-37The guest of honor at this Matsuri was my friend Abo from A-Bo-Moon and it was cool to see him on track in 4 door R34, he definitely made it look like it was nothing getting this thing sideways the few laps I was able to see. springmatsuri2019-38



springmatsuri2019-45The last Matsuri I played it safe as media and just focused most of my photos at turn 6, this time around I walked around the perimeter and found that the first turn is where I really like shooting from. I love that it gives me a chance to capture that initiation, commitment and the follow through required to carry these cars along the track. springmatsuri2019-46







springmatsuri2019-53Another car I was stoked to see was Kris‘ Silvia, and the reason is becuase I have seen photos of this cars online for about 4 years now and to see it still shredding the big track and short course with the URAS Type-S kit it’s had all these years is just too cool. springmatsuri2019-54








springmatsuri2019-71“Shark” nose, lip, sideskirts and small wheels. Oh yeah and can’t forget the wink. springmatsuri2019-72




springmatsuri2019-77This truck was something else. Ford cab and bed, fused with a Toyota Soarer chassis that was powered by a LS motor and driven by a legend. This dude was throwing the truck around the track and with ease!springmatsuri2019-76













springmatsuri2019-97You might be noticing that I am a fan of small wheels, but I absolutely love tri-spoke Advan Racing Oni wheels, and then when you combine my love for the pillar-less C33 Laurel you get this wonderful machine. Nick has found out how to look cool both on and off track while not having any hiccups the entire day.  This is what my dreams are made of. springmatsuri2019-98





springmatsuri2019-106All throughout the day I had seen this Celsior parked up but this was first time I had seen it fully aired out. Good to see a nice example of the VIP inspired car out here down under. springmatsuri2019-107







springmatsuri2019-114Just the day before I had the chance of meeting Brad and setting up the alignment on his Silvia. His set up is simple, coils, cams, rack spacers and his eagerness to have a good time. He enjoyed his weekend and even managed to take home a souvenir in the form of a huge bash to the passenger side of his car on the second day of the event. springmatsuri2019-119This S14 was in the paddock for most of the day but I did manage to see the driver throw down on the short track before I left for the day. It was cool to see a low to the ground car just scraping both the floor and the walls. springmatsuri2019-120


springmatsuri2019-124With the sun setting in the distance I just had to grab myself some more photos of some of my favorite cars. One thing I am learning is that these Aussie sunsets and cars go hand in hand in making a beautiful photo. springmatsuri2019-125






springmatsuri2019-133It was great to make new friends out at the track, I look forward to seeing more of the cars and meeting more drivers out here during my staycation. Until next time!

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