Clout Chasers

If you know me, you know I’m a big time hoarder of images and when it comes to posting them up on here I am really critical of what I release to the public. It’s now been about a year to the date that I got together for the first time with these foos, since then Alex (180sx) has moved on from his chassis and Oscar (Silvia) has been taken the car off the road and gone full FD spec mode to get it “done right” for the next time he hits the streets.

Up until this gloomy morning in Newport Beach the 3 of us had never actually gotten together in real life. Oscar and Alex had been homies for a minute and I had talked to them via DM’s for a while and with my return from New Zealand I was eager to get back behind the camera. We had met up and grabbed some coffee and we were off to Balboa Island to snap a few photos by the beach.


Once I found somewhere with free parking I patiently waited for my Uber to arrive….sick_foos-6sick_foos-8

Spot #1 was Alex’s idea, he had told me he knew of a spot right by the pier so I hopped out of Mota’s car and began snapping as much shots of Alex’s hatch as I could while Mota circled back around….sick_foos-9sick_foos-10sick_foos-11sick_foos-12

As soon as they switched spots we got rolled on by the Police. which was expected since we were parked where theres a sign that says no stoping, and on a one way street. Luckily the cop was cool and told us to kick rocks.sick_foos-15sick_foos-16

So then I took them to a cool spot right by the boardwalk that I’ve shot at before, this time we had a couple more minutes but that same cop must have followed the sound of the Silvia’s loud ass exhaust note because he rolled up but this time with flashing lights. Modified cars are not really supposed to be on the street, but during the time of this shoot the streets were really hot with all the takeovers and shit starting to go on, and at the same time they just don’t like loud ass cars in a quiet beach neighborhood cruising around.sick_foos-17sick_foos-18

We ducked out and found some refuge in an underground parking lot and decided to have a mini shoot of the cars to show off some of their cool parts. Mota’s car rocks a complete BN Sports kit and sits nice on some redone Minerva’s by SSR Wheels. The stopping power is brought to you in part by Parts Shop Max as well as his suspension bits. One thing I’ve learned from Oscar is that he really enjoys throwing money at high quality parts for his car.


Alex had taken a more simple but very clean look to his machine, sporting a rear gutted interior and some BRIDE seats for himself and the lucky passanger’s that got to sit shot gun (me being one of them).


The engine bay is where Alex really got down, with his extreme OCD he managed to pull off one of more cleaner engine bays while still maintaining creature comforts in a drift car. The bay was also a collection of some of the coolest and sought after parts. I can say in all honesty that this this didn’t have a spec of dust or drop of oil, super immaculate!sick_foos-23

Like I said, it’s been a year since, Alex has let this car go but has a few things coming out soon that I am sure will top this. Mota is currently putting his Silvia back together for its final form. After this day we have pretty much pretty much become brothers, going out to brunches, coming to my bad to watch the blood moon, getting recked, out to drift events and pretty much blowing up eachother’s phones every second of every day.

I love you and I miss you perro’s, see you soon!

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