Aaron Velasquez at Voodoo Bash 2018

CA_film-21Before leaving the states I was trying to spend as much time with friends since it would be a while until the next hangs. During a week I had stopped by my friend Aaron’s place and he was installing some Wise Fab suspension components and Feal coils on his competition S14 and had invited me out to the Voodoo Ride event going on that upcoming weekend. Of course I said yeah since it had been a while since I’ve seen the homie drive, and believe me when I say DRIVE!

This guys at Voodoo invited a handful of drivers for a demo during their event and I made my way onto the track and pit areas to grab a few shots. I did grab some digital shots and a video (that I’ll link on the bottom of this post) but I’m much happier with these snaps I grabbed with my last roll of Fuji Industrial 100 on my newly acquired Canon T90 35mm film camera.

CA_film-14CA_film-20CA_film-22CA_film-23CA_film-15CA_film-19CA_film-17If you cant tell by this huge smile on Aaron’s face, the test and tune of his new suspension went very well! It’s always cool for me to be there and watch all the progress of friends behind the wheel.

As promised, heres the video I put together of that day:

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