Jojo’s Cressida Drift Machine

One of my favorite things things over the years of taking photos of cars is making friends through the love of these machines. Whats even cooler is the love of machines spilling over to people and their significant others. From my personal experience it’s so much better to have the person you love and care about to love and care about the same things as you. For Steph and I it makes going to car events or track days more fun because she’s there enjoying what I enjoy and it’s not fake and it doesn’t feel like I’m dragging her to car things almost every other weekend these past few years. I see this genuine enjoyment of cars with my friends Mark and his lady Jojo, and its this passion that they share together that has given birth to Jojo’s drift (and now show car) MX73 Toyota Cressida.

jojo's_uzx73-6jojo's_uzx73-17jojo's_uzx73-12jojo's_uzx73-11Now a days I’m seeing more and more Cressida’s at track days, sadly they are getting thrashed around and beat to shit but somehow Jojo has managed to keep her drift car looking clean and sporting a solid paintjob. To make some power on the track this old folks Toyota houses a imported 1UZ-FE from a Celsior  mated to a W58 gearbox that delivers more than enough power to the small wheel and tire combo that she utilizes at track days.jojo's_uzx73-19jojo's_uzx73-27Jojo’s Cressida actually has quite a few of GX71 parts brought over from the mother land such as the front and rear bumpers, quad headlights, front valence as well as the Hiro racing pods, rear valence and chin spoiler all from JP. jojo's_uzx73-31I was able to snag these rollers thanks to the homie Mark who came out to lend me a hand as well as Jojo as they do some final changes to the car for the rest of the shoot. Don’t think that she doesn’t work on her own car with this photo, it was just faster to work as a team to beat the sun setting. jojo's_uzx73-32The car achieves this height and on with the help of some BC Coils and we can thank Xcessive for providing the angle on track with colntrol arms, steering knuckles and their tension rods.jojo's_uzx73-35jojo's_uzx73-39jojo's_uzx73-40jojo's_uzx73-41jojo's_uzx73-44jojo's_uzx73-46jojo's_uzx73-48jojo's_uzx73-60jojo's_uzx73-59jojo's_uzx73-51jojo's_uzx73-49jojo's_uzx73-63jojo's_uzx73-65jojo's_uzx73-67jojo's_uzx73-73jojo's_uzx73-72jojo's_uzx73-71jojo's_uzx73-76jojo's_uzx73-80jojo's_uzx73-84Some track day photos so people can see that this car looks good both on and off track. I’m stoked to be able to take these photos of this Cressida and be friends with the owner and see it in show from as well as getting driven hard on track. 90sforever.edits-690sforever.edits-1790sforever.edits-2090sforever.edits-169

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