TBT: Visiting Mizuno Works

I can remember back like 10 years when I was getting into cars I’d spend hours on google searching all the ways old cars in Japan would get modified and every so often “Mizuno Works” would come up. Back then I remeber thinking how cool it was to have a low old car, huge flares, small steering wheels and tiny raspy exhaust systems. In the time between then and now I have taken to the time to study the Kyusha styling and really fall in love with it and during that time I had told myself that if I ever get out to Japan that I would make it a point to stop in and check out this car shop.

I wanna give a big thanks to my NZ homie Aaron Mai for linking me up with Mizuno-San and his son Kazuki nearly a year ago when I first went to Japan, unfortunately I didn’t have the time that trip but this go around I made sure I had a whole day to spare and really soak in this much anticipated visit. mizuno.works.visit-3mizuno.works.visit-61mizuno.works.visit-33mizuno.works.visit-37mizuno.works.visit-35mizuno.works.visit-32mizuno.works.visit-8mizuno.works.visit-9mizuno.works.visit-10mizuno.works.visit-16mizuno.works.visit-18mizuno.works.visit-19mizuno.works.visit-20mizuno.works.visit-21mizuno.works.visit-22mizuno.works.visit-23mizuno.works.visit-26mizuno.works.visit-28mizuno.works.visit-31mizuno.works.visit-29mizuno.works.visit-63mizuno.works.visit-64mizuno.works.visit-39mizuno.works.visit-41mizuno.works.visit-43mizuno.works.visit-46mizuno.works.visit-48mizuno.works.visit-49mizuno.works.visit-51mizuno.works.visit-52mizuno.works.visit-54mizuno.works.visit-55mizuno.works.visit-58mizuno.works.visit-60mizuno.works.visit-67One thing I was even more stoked on was when Kazuki’s friend gave me a ride in his car, which happens to be one of my favorite cars ever, a GX71 Chaser, that scraped and screamed the entire time and as he let it be known that we were on the streets. I’m glad that Steph and our friend Sam were there to experience this me because I was legit smiling from ear to ear. I can’t for the next visit to see my new friends again!

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