Club Handz III

We drove out to the desert this time for the michelada’s but stayed for the show that is referred to as Club Handz. Basically a huge kickback at what is now called Apple Valley Speedway that was put together to assemble some of the chillest dudes that like to drive and have a good time. This was the 3rd and definitely not the last event that Kem has put on and it’s pretty safe to say it was another success.

After arriving to the track a bit later than usual after some expected but unexpected traffic we set up camp trackside at the usual spot, but the Modelo’s in the cooler and walked the paddock and said wassup to friends that showed up while the drinks cooled down.

As usual it was a rad day hanging out with friends, making new friends and of course getting the chance to see everyone swang their machines around.

strtstlkr.handz3-1The new homie Darius from the North and his 86strtstlkr.handz3-2Jakob from GETJPN and his C33 Laurelstrtstlkr.handz3-3Jose and his carpool buddy for the day. strtstlkr.handz3-4strtstlkr.handz3-5Aaron from Wolfreign also came down from the North in his 86strtstlkr.handz3-6The horchata man himself, Jay, coming to the rescuestrtstlkr.handz3-7strtstlkr.handz3-9John came down in his hatch to give it a proper shakedown before his LSD event at the end of the month. strtstlkr.handz3-10strtstlkr.handz3-11Gotta wipe off that dirt before getting more dirt on the whipstrtstlkr.handz3-12strtstlkr.handz3-14strtstlkr.handz3-15strtstlkr.handz3-16strtstlkr.handz3-18strtstlkr.handz3-19strtstlkr.handz3-20strtstlkr.handz3-22strtstlkr.handz3-23strtstlkr.handz3-21strtstlkr.handz3-24strtstlkr.handz3-25strtstlkr.handz3-29strtstlkr.handz3-26strtstlkr.handz3-27strtstlkr.handz3-28strtstlkr.handz3-30strtstlkr.handz3-31strtstlkr.handz3-32strtstlkr.handz3-33strtstlkr.handz3-34strtstlkr.handz3-35strtstlkr.handz3-36strtstlkr.handz3-37strtstlkr.handz3-38strtstlkr.handz3-42strtstlkr.handz3-43strtstlkr.handz3-44strtstlkr.handz3-45strtstlkr.handz3-47strtstlkr.handz3-49strtstlkr.handz3-52strtstlkr.handz3-50strtstlkr.handz3-53strtstlkr.handz3-56strtstlkr.handz3-57strtstlkr.handz3-59strtstlkr.handz3-66Here we have a wild Julien in his natural habitat serving up some of the finest trackside michisstrtstlkr.handz3-60strtstlkr.handz3-61strtstlkr.handz3-62“Fooooo”strtstlkr.handz3-58The man who brought us all out kicking back in the pits strtstlkr.handz3-63strtstlkr.handz3-64strtstlkr.handz3-65strtstlkr.handz3-68strtstlkr.handz3-72strtstlkr.handz3-74strtstlkr.handz3-75strtstlkr.handz3-77strtstlkr.handz3-78strtstlkr.handz3-79strtstlkr.handz3-80strtstlkr.handz3-81strtstlkr.handz3-82strtstlkr.handz3-83strtstlkr.handz3-84strtstlkr.handz3-85strtstlkr.handz3-87strtstlkr.handz3-89strtstlkr.handz3-90strtstlkr.handz3-92strtstlkr.handz3-93strtstlkr.handz3-94strtstlkr.handz3-95strtstlkr.handz3-97strtstlkr.handz3-100Another day well spent, until the next time, peace!

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