RWB Gathering in Tokyo 2019

This weekend I sat down and cleaned up my desktop on the MacBook Pro and while doing so I realised that I had yet to upload photos from my most recent trip to Japan. I wanted to start the uploads with the RWB park up meeting at the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi Hills. I wanted to come to Japan this time around and actually enjoy the moments with my own two eyes rather than have the viewfinder in my face the entire time. The meet was packed with people from all over the world it seemed, I heard a few different accents, got in the way of a few vloggers and managed to see a few of my friends in the mix. I’d definitely like to make it out to the meet next year but get there a bit earlier to hear all the Porsche’s as they squeeze into the parking spaces but being able to catch them all stationed in one spot was a pretty cool sight to see.  rwb.strtstlkrrwb.strtstlkr-29rwb.strtstlkr-56rwb.strtstlkr-6rwb.strtstlkr-30rwb.strtstlkr-12rwb.strtstlkr-21rwb.strtstlkr-22rwb.strtstlkr-8rwb.strtstlkr-10rwb.strtstlkr-11rwb.strtstlkr-25rwb.strtstlkr-26rwb.strtstlkr-20rwb.strtstlkr-16rwb.strtstlkr-27rwb.strtstlkr-28rwb.strtstlkr-36rwb.strtstlkr-31rwb.strtstlkr-32rwb.strtstlkr-33rwb.strtstlkr-37rwb.strtstlkr-39rwb.strtstlkr-43rwb.strtstlkr-45rwb.strtstlkr-44rwb.strtstlkr-47rwb.strtstlkr-46rwb.strtstlkr-51rwb.strtstlkr-53rwb.strtstlkr-59rwb.strtstlkr-58rwb.strtstlkr-60

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