Stance Nation : SoCal 2018

Finally found the creative motivation to go through these Stance Nation SoCal photos after 2 months of having them sit on my desktop. I actually had taken a bit of a break from using my digital camera and have switch over to older 35mm film cameras. The move came at a perfect time where I had begun to get a little bored with how my photos were coming out and instead of putting the camera down all together I just figured it would be cool to really force myself to learn about lighting and how to get exposures that would really catch my eye. I’ve messed with film before but I was always just using them in AUTO modes so this time around I got to do lots of research and see what worked and what didn’t work for me, I also caught a bug and cycled through a few different cameras and lenses to see what focal lengths and colors really got me excited to see on a bigger screen other than my phone which is where the majority of my photo consumption comes from.

Working with film has taught me a few things, patience in framing the subject and also being okay with over and under exposure because sometimes it really helps with the overall mood I am trying to create when I press the shutter. I’ve also learned to cherish the shots I do take, having that 24 or 36 exposure limit has been a gift because I no longer walk around with the camera in front of my face for an entire event or when I’m shooting one car. I’ve learned to take my time and walk around the cars, chat more with the owners, see what is unique or interesting about them and their machine and then get in my stance and snap the angles I’d like to see.

One of the major things I’ve learned was restriction and self control when finalising the final processed photos. I’m actually happy with how the images come out when developed and scanned and instead of my usual heavy editing style I have come to tone it all the way down and am now focused on coming out with photos that are similar to how they looked the day I took them with minor lighting adjustments and color corrections. With that said, heres this new style adapted to the coverage of my first Stance Nation event last year. Enjoy and please feel free to take any photos you like, just don’t forget to tag a brotha! strtstlkr.stancenation_la-1strtstlkr.stancenation_la-39strtstlkr.stancenation_la-37strtstlkr.stancenation_la-45strtstlkr.stancenation_la-44strtstlkr.stancenation_la-40strtstlkr.stancenation_la-41strtstlkr.stancenation_la-42strtstlkr.stancenation_la-43strtstlkr.stancenation_la-46strtstlkr.stancenation_la-3strtstlkr.stancenation_la-2strtstlkr.stancenation_la-9strtstlkr.stancenation_la-4strtstlkr.stancenation_la-29strtstlkr.stancenation_la-28strtstlkr.stancenation_la-5strtstlkr.stancenation_la-31strtstlkr.stancenation_la-30strtstlkr.stancenation_la-8strtstlkr.stancenation_la-16strtstlkr.stancenation_la-15strtstlkr.stancenation_la-7strtstlkr.stancenation_la-17strtstlkr.stancenation_la-27strtstlkr.stancenation_la-18strtstlkr.stancenation_la-20strtstlkr.stancenation_la-19strtstlkr.stancenation_la-33strtstlkr.stancenation_la-12strtstlkr.stancenation_la-13strtstlkr.stancenation_la-14strtstlkr.stancenation_la-26strtstlkr.stancenation_la-23strtstlkr.stancenation_la-24strtstlkr.stancenation_la-25strtstlkr.stancenation_la-36strtstlkr.stancenation_la-35strtstlkr.stancenation_la-21strtstlkr.stancenation_la-22strtstlkr.stancenation_la-32strtstlkr.stancenation_la-10strtstlkr.stancenation_la-34strtstlkr.stancenation_la-49


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