Pedro’s S14 pt. II

It’s been some time now but I’m back and in the last couple of weeks I have fallen back in love with the idea of having my words accompany my photos. If you are a photographer I’m sure you have experienced a moment where you are just not as excited about the photos you are producing. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something that happens with repetition. I honestly think that my “funk” was a combination of things going on in my personal life and not being excited to go out and shoot subjects.

But that shit is done with, I am back, feeling great, sitting on some good photos over the past couple of months that I am just really proud of and I want to start it off with my homie Pedro and his 240.

If this car looks familiar it’s because we first got together for some photos in the summer of 2017, sporting different aero, different powerplant and just a overall different vibe. Ending 2018 on a good note, Pedro has allowed me to take some of the final shots of his car prior to receiving a proper paint job.

Since the last time I had seen Pedro has been ordering some cool parts left and right and slowly but surely dialling in his final form, or at least a form he doesn’t plan on changing in a while. I’m super excited to check out the car after he showed me what he’s going for when it’s all said and done and I think others will enjoy the look too.

I usually do a break down on parts and specs but I’ll leave that to pt. III. to end it with a one handed roller. Pedro will return to the site shortly with the “after” photos once his car is painted and all the little bits and pieces are thrown on the car after years of collecting.

Until next time, peace.

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