VIP Fest 12

This is now my second time making the trip down south to SD and honestly it made me want to come down each and every year. As usual I strolled in a couple hours late but it was fine because the weather was perfect, had my family with me and even got to enjoy a few beers with them and of course all kinds of cool cars were parked up and the 12th annual Auto Fashion VIP Fest. I didn’t get the chance to stay catch up with everyone like I usually do at events but in the time I made sure to say what’s up to a few of my homies while cruising around the show. strtstlkr.vipfest18-3Kicking it off with this super player Century fitted with the granny spec seat covers and a full on office in the back seat, complete with phone, tables and a FAX machine. strtstlkr.vipfest18-5strtstlkr.vipfest18-7One of the dudes I was stoked to meet was Nitty, an SD native and all around cool dude. This was actually our first time linking up but for some time now we have talked on IG a few times and even keep eachother updated with runs via NIKE’s app. Nitt is a bad ass dude behind the camera as well with his awesome portrait work, check his work over on and support the homie. strtstlkr.vipfest18-8strtstlkr.vipfest18-11Definitely good to catch up with Sam from Central Pine USA and T Demand USA. His cars are no strangers to the site but damn I never get tired of taking photos of the builds that get put together at the shop. strtstlkr.vipfest18-13strtstlkr.vipfest18-14This is the new Lexus LS500 fitted with all the T Demand goodies and SSR Executors. This one built in Las Vegas at Samurai Motors and driven from NV, I’ll definitely consider a trip out there in the near future for more photos of her. strtstlkr.vipfest18-15strtstlkr.vipfest18-17strtstlkr.vipfest18-18strtstlkr.vipfest18-19strtstlkr.vipfest18-2strtstlkr.vipfest18Sam’s newest demo car is this 19 Camry originally white but wrapped in this gorgeous black. This is just a teaser photo, Sam and I are working on a proper set of photos to really showcase the new new. strtstlkr.vipfest18-21Also another favorite on this page is @staylurkin07 and his 18 Crown that is still static and looking good parked up with some freshly fitted SSR Minerva’s. Just a few more things on this cars checklist and we’ll be sorting a full shoot of this car as well. strtstlkr.vipfest18-22strtstlkr.vipfest18-23strtstlkr.vipfest18-24strtstlkr.vipfest18-27No major changes since the last time I seen @ayeeejayyy  LS400 but a car that sits like this doesn’t need much. Emitz and a body laid on the ground is all good in my book. strtstlkr.vipfest18-40strtstlkr.vipfest18-26strtstlkr.vipfest18-41strtstlkr.vipfest18-29I didn’t get the chance to shake hands with Taylor at the show but snapped a few photos of his LS400 the day after the show and finally after 2 years of planning we finally met up. Super cool dude to match a super cool car with a freshly fitted BN Sports kit that was custom made and freshly laid out on the ground. strtstlkr.vipfest18-34strtstlkr.vipfest18-39strtstlkr.vipfest18-31Another one of the cars that I managed to see in person finally was Danny’s LS, we have been trying to get together for some photos of his car for some time now but something always ends up coming up. Literally last time tire had a flat and ended up being a shit wheel that kept leaking but now with his newly built wheels we might just be able to get that taken care of in the very near future.  strtstlkr.vipfest18-32strtstlkr.vipfest18-36strtstlkr.vipfest18-42Hailing all the way from the North of Cali was @radproduxions and his IS that finally got enough space for a shot of the whole car in frame.strtstlkr.vipfest18-44strtstlkr.vipfest18-46strtstlkr.vipfest18-49Last but certainly not least is the homie David’s KP starlet. His car was actually the first I had seen when I pulled up so I had to make sure I showed some love to his sweet ride. I need to come back down ASAP for those hangs in your hood bro, I’m always seeing the lowriders and bomb food you are eating down here and I’m trying to partake in some of that. strtstlkr.vipfest18-50

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