Club Handz II

I was super stoked when my friends told me about this event. From what I knew it was a small private event, but in my experience those always end up being the best! I received the invite from the homies from the South, Chula Vista to be exact, who were coming up to support Mike while he got a little more seat time in his AE coupe. David and I were trying our best to coordinate a place to meet up on the highway but with traffic we never got the chance to. But just by luck I happened to roll up on my good friend Mark and his fleet of Rollas, some of whom came all the way from NorCal and just joined up with them, grabbed some food and proceeded to make our way out to the desert. strtstlkr.2handz-5strtstlkr.2handz-7strtstlkr.2handz-3strtstlkr.2handz-6strtstlkr.2handz-8strtstlkr.2handz-10strtstlkr.2handz-11strtstlkr.2handz-23strtstlkr.2handz-14strtstlkr.2handz-17strtstlkr.2handz-15strtstlkr.2handz-19strtstlkr.2handz-12strtstlkr.2handz-21strtstlkr.2handz-25Once we arrived it was straight to the action, this was partly due to the fact that we showed up a little later than intended with a previous Macca’s deficit in our bodies. I had hopped out the GS and just took to rolling around the paddock and saying what’s up to old friends and meeting new ones from the interwebs. strtstlkr.2handz-27

Mike  was battling a stuck throttle plate all day but as you will later see he managed to overcome it and put it down on the track.


Checking levels is a must.
Mark taking a break from his fleet of IS’s and drove out his hatch with the ol’ reliable 4AGE, today was his first day driving with his new rear end installed.


Bryant is a new homie I made after the event on IG but dude was throwing down the hammer all day and was keeping it super consistent, making my job easy!


Aaron from Wolf Reign came down from the Nawf of Cali and was putting his coupe to work the entire day


The real rough rider John


One of my new friend’s from NorCal J.R. was throwing his tiny sedan around like no one’s business, I was in Marks car during both a chase and lead run and homeboy knows what he’s doing with that thang!


Modelo time, all the time foo!
The man with the plan, Kam  who put this whole shit together and brought all these cool ass foo’s to the desert to try and hit each other’s cars.


The boy out here doing the damn thing!


Jaime was out in his new machine, Toyota Camry with JZX100 Mark II conversion.
Then he got jacked real quick, lol.
Caught David doing his live stream, this dude is the man right here, long time fan of his work turned big homies.





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