Mike: The Dori Junkie

You ever meet someone that you just click with right away?? It’s weird because you are total strangers up to this point where the universe throws you into a room with this totally random person and then from that moment onward it’s like you were meant to fall into into each other’s path. This is the only way to describe what it felt like when I met Mike, the one man band and the owner and operator behind Dori Junkie Imports. strtstlkr.jzs171-6strtstlkr.jzs171-8Mike (Mr. Worldwide) and I crossed paths at McDonalds right after Tokyo Auto Salon thanks to our mutual friend Ernie. He spoke English with a Kiwi accent and sure enough after hearing him say “cunt” I could already tell he was from NZ. Currently living in Australia, Mike imports new and used car parts as well as complete vehicles from japan and ships them WORLDWIDE through his company Dori Junkie. strtstlkr.jzs171-10strtstlkr.jzs171-11strtstlkr.jzs171-16When it comes to those hard to find JDM goodies he’s the one you want to get a because his years in the game have gained him connections in all the right places which in turn brings you parts and cars at a crazy low price!strtstlkr.jzs171-31strtstlkr.jzs171-26strtstlkr.jzs171-33strtstlkr.jzs171-36strtstlkr.jzs171-34For those who are interested in some parts or cars from Japan you can shoot him a message on Facebook @ DORI JUNKIE IMPORTS and tell him ya boy sent you!!


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