Jared Croft’s PANDEM GTR

I don’t think that I am the best photographer but I do pride myself in thinking that over time my skill has increased and that is due to the fact that I’m super passionate about the art and I enjoy always doing my own thing. This was a conversation had while on set Jared Croft and his R32 Skyline GT-R. When I first met Jared it was actually on set with another one of his cars, which happens to be the original 6666 Customs 180sx or more commonly referred to as the pink Rocket Bunny. strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-3.jpgThe way the conversation went was so natural and in the moment that I didn’t even think deeper into it until I had got back home after the shoot. We were just talking about how he has been getting offers for this particular build of his but that he doesn’t want to part ways with it because he enjoys his creation. To Jared, money is cool, but picking up his daughter and taking her for cruises in his GT-R is cooler, and I respect the hell out of that. strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-7strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-8See when we first met Jared let me in on this project and showed me some photos of an already clean, factory GT-R and clued me in to the fact that he was going to be chopping it up, changing the color and throwing the first PANDEM kit in New Zealand on it and it would be ready for Nationals in January (mind you that was just 3 months away at the time) and he said he wanted me to get some photos of it when it was all said and done. So over months he kept pretty quiet about it and only showed snippets of the build process on the gram but when I had seen it in person for the first time I was immediately blown away.strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-13strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-14Now let me tell you, the PANDEM kit is beautiful and suits this platform beautifully, but thats not what stole my attention, in fact it was a few of the less obvious things like factory monsoons, used up NISMO bucket seats and these gorgeous mirros. If you are in the know then you can tell these mirrors are hard to come by, the make is Ganador and they are like gold to the aftermarket parts world. These aren’t something you see everyday and aren’t being produced these days. Jared seemed actually impressed that I had known how hard these were to come by and he wouldn’t budge on telling me his source until later, but when I found out what he paid for them I was blown away. I will honor our secret but I can tell you that there was comma in there somewhere. strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-15strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-17Another thing I have come to love about Jared is that he doesn’t put together his cars for the clout or for Instagram fame, he legit does this because it’s what he loves. I’ve literally seen him win a trophy at a show and hand it to someone who he felt was more deserving of it than he was, if thats not humble then please point me in the right direction. I can tell you that one thing he really enjoys about this car is the fact that he can drive it around on road (and off as pictured above) as it is street legal-ish. strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-23strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-24strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-25strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-26Getting the chance to take photos of cars has been a dream come true for me, I meet the great people who own them and it makes me feel like a little kid playing with big ass hot wheels. I can’t thank the country of New Zealand enough for accepting me with open arms and the good car folks of Christchurch for always hitting me up to get out and shoot some of the great builds that have been put together out here.strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-29strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-21strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-33strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-31A couple of years ago I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, it seemed that friends my age had it figured out already, either going to school or already starting a career and I had always just stuck to being around cars and friends and I feel like as I sit here and type this up that sticking to my guns and the passion I have has taken me to some pretty cool places and provided me with awesome experiences. strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-35strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-46strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-39 Recently I had been creeping on one of my old blog sites and it really got me in my feels looking at the progress I’ve made in just 5 years, not just in photography but as a person in general. I was not as confident, really didn’t know how to approach strangers at car event and have conversations I had no idea how to turn internet friends into real friendships and it’s things like that that keep me goin.

The more I think about it all just goes to show that we don’t really have to have life figured out, just find what you are passionate about and chase it. because who knows how far it can take you. strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-49strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-54strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-61I just want to thanks Jared again for the hang and the opportunity to get your car behind my camera, you have put together something beautiful bro and I hope that you and your family enjoy all the cruising and hard pulls from time to time. Keep on scraping over the flat ground and shooting flames between every light brother!strtstlkr.jareds.gtr-62

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