Thomas and his backyard museum

There are people in New Zealand that I had actually been following on the gram for some time prior to landing in this beautiful part of the world, Thomas Gordon is one of these people. When I first got here I wanted to make sure he was one of the first people I made sure I shook hands with and of course check out his cars. Thomas’ imagination runs wild through his projects, from his clean on the inside and bashed on the outside Corolla drift car to his underivable and totally insane Mira and of course who can forget the heavily Japanese inspired Tamiya GX81.

I had followed these builds for some time and even though they weren’t up and running it was still really cool to see them with my own eyes and meet the man behind their creation. Now to just peer pressure Thomas into getting them out for some sick ass rolling shots.

Toyota Corolla – KE70 / SSR MK2 13×7.5j (approx. -7 offset) / 4A-GE Blacktop1998 Daihatsu Mira / fully customised 199? (early model) Toyota Mark II – GX81


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