CHACHACHA with Alex and Zen

I really had it all planned out in my head that I would keep it consistent with weekly posts here on the blog when I got to NZ but I’ve just been enjoying having weekends off so much and exploring the surrounding areas that I kinda put my postings to the side. With that said I do take my camera with my everywhere and am constantly making new car friends at every turn, which to me is awesome because it seems that everyone is pretty pumped to have some snaps of their car and I enjoy providing them so it’s really a win-win situation almost every day.CHACHACHA-77CHACHACHA-67CHACHACHA-73

So to kick off my “weekly” posts I want to introduce you to Alex and Zen, who are both members of a local car group called CHACHACHA. This was the first time we had met in person after planning to get together over multiple DM convos. Originally I had seen Zen’s Chaser a few months before coming over here to this side of the world and I just could not get over how aggressive it looked with it’s complete Traum body kit, custom 1 of 1 widebody kit, Origin Labo aero add ons and set of special edition StanceNation/Work Wheels CR2P with some pretty impressive specs ( F: 19×10 -20/R: 19×11 -22) needed to fill up the space presented by the new body lines. So after finding out that I wasn’t staying too far away from him got me excited to link up and shoot. Over the span of a few weeks I had followed a couple members of the CHACHACHA group and got to talking to Alex who is the owner of the Silvia.CHACHACHA-48CHACHACHA-11

A date was set up to meet up on this fine morning and I was really excited to shoot their cars because 1. they looked super clean for some street legal drift cars and I just had to see them in person and 2. because this would be the first photo session with my new Sony A6000 camera and I was really eager to see how it would perform. After staging the cars and taking the first few photos I was already impressed with both the cars and the new equipment and I just got in the zone and snapped away. It was real cool to talk with both the guys and exchange some cool and hilarious stories during the shoot.CHACHACHA-37CHACHACHA-24CHACHACHA-6CHACHACHA-14

One of the reasons we kept on postponing the date of the shoot is because Zen was waiting for his front end to get repaired and painted because he had a little too much fun sending it during a street session and it did sustain a bit of damage as I later saw the video off his phone, but as I always say, you gotta pay to play. He didn’t seem phased about it and he really shouldn’t the car still looks amazing!CHACHACHA-27CHACHACHA-13

Alex’s car really did impress me with the overall cleanliness of his Silvia, come to find out he’s a car groomer so it all made sense. A lot of the details like the smoothness of the paint and how it shimmered wherever the sun hit it and how the fit fitment of the wheels and tires were so complimenting to the overall look of the car. After working in the automotive industry for a few weeks I know understand that it’s pretty difficult to modify cars out here in New Zealand with so many restrictions on a street legal car but his manages to meet the criteria, be functional and look real cool in the process. CHACHACHA-62CHACHACHA-44CHACHACHA-23

One thing I like about Alex’s setup is the fact that the aero is all OEM+ as it sports a complete factory Navan kit with a Kouki rear spoiler and has subtle ad ons on the uderside like a front lip that I was asked to keep a secret, custom side splitters and diffuser that makes the car just that much more aggressive without being over the top. what really sets the look off is how well his Work Emotion T7R’s fill up the entire wheel arch at just 18×9.5 +12 all around. CHACHACHA-18CHACHACHA-58

After spending a a good half an hour I noticed that Zen has payed a lot of attention to detail when it came to the overall look of his car. The interior not only had a pair of Bride seats for both driver and passenger but the entire interior was re-upholstered to match which is just so rad in my book. It’s really cool to see a car that gets driven, goes sideways and looks like it’s ready for a car show at any given moment. CHACHACHA-55CHACHACHA-56CHACHACHA-53CHACHACHA-60CHACHACHA-59CHACHACHA-49CHACHACHA-29One of the things Alex was really excited to show me was the cleanliness under the hood, or bonnet as I’m getting used to hearing. He was telling me that he had recently cleaned up a few things, redid his turbo piping and painted the valve cover with this color shifting green/blue/purple paint which was used to also add a little pizzaz to the NISMO strut tower brace mounts as well. Honestly these 2 guys are drifting and cruising in these show worthy cars and I think that makes them so much more cooler, thats just my two cents but I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way. CHACHACHA-80CHACHACHA-82CHACHACHA-83CHACHACHA-8I look forward to more hangs with these guys, as a matter of fact I’ve already ran into them a few times since we actually met for these photos and they are really keen on getting some group photos taken with the rest of the CHACHACHA group the day of their Cars & Coffee event that has been put together and will be taking place on the 5th of November and it happens to be the first one here in Christchurch so I definitely cannot wait to see the turnout.

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