I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Cali Anymore

If you have been following me on social media or even reading some of my previous posts and not just looking at the pictures then you would know that last month the Mrs. and I made took a big leap from Chino Hills, CA all the way to New Zealand. That’s right, we flew 13 hours and now claiming NZ as our turf for the next year. At first it was scary to think that we’d be all alone in a whole new part of the world but the wonders social media have made the transition so much easier.  strtstlkr.alexs.140j-3strtstlkr.alexs.140j-5For years now I have been infatuated with old school Japanese cars, don’t get me wrong there are lots of guys that do them justice in the states but a lot of some of my favorite build come from overseas and NZ houses a few of them. So waaay back then I was already friends with a few guys on Facebook and followed some on IG without even coming up with the idea of traveling to this part of the world but now that I am here I’m trying my best to shake hands with them all and make some new friends of course. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-7This Datsun here belongs to one of the new friends I’ve made out here, His name is Alex and this is his 1974 Violet GL (140J). I had came in contact with Alex through IG after announcing that I was new in town and looking to meet some dudes (not like that) and check out there cars and he was “keen” on linking up for some photos. I had no idea where anything was out here but on his posts I had seen a photo with his car on a bridge and I was really digging the scenery. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-9strtstlkr.alexs.140j-6What really caught my attention was the color of the car, I mean look at that purple, once I had seen it in person I was in love. We started talking about how it came about and I had found out some pretty cool history behind it. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-18strtstlkr.alexs.140j-22Prior to Alex coming to ownership of this car just this past October it had belonged to a cousin of his. Alex grew up around this car and had cruised sitting shotgun and he had always told his cousin that if her were to ever put the car up for sale to let him have the chance to take it off his hands. Years passed and the car was used as a daily but tragedy struck in a major way. The car was involved in an accident and the front end was totaled, but as you can see it was not the end for this little Datsun. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-21strtstlkr.alexs.140j-25Alex came into ownership of the car and got straight to work. In the daytime he is an apprentice painter and in just about a month of beating the panels straightening up the front end and gathering parts the car was in the booth ready to be revived. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-11strtstlkr.alexs.140j-17strtstlkr.alexs.140j-23strtstlkr.alexs.140j-30Once the paint was set it was time to get to throwing some parts at her. Alex claims it’s not much of a build but to me it has a solid amount of work put into it. The interior is kept nice and simple with upgrade made to the radio head unit, shift knob and a steering wheel, to me that all the car really needs because the rest of the inside is kept nice and clean with the black leather seats to the black panels and dash with “woodgrain” accents. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-27When I asked about the wheels Alex had taken me back by letting me know that they are SSR Super Stars, I had never seen a pair in person back home but I’m no stranger to them via countless google searches. What makes these wheels cool to me is that they are how they were when they left the factory. These are some never before split 13×6.5 and from what he’s told me hes the only one to have them mounted in NZ ever. He found this set on TradeMe (New Zealand’s version of craigslist) and saw that they were only 2 hours away. Excited as fuck, Alex hopped in his car one Friday after work and smashed out to pick up his new set of wheels, only to come to find out that they were fresh off the boat from Japan. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-33strtstlkr.alexs.140j-35Alex tells me his car is far from finished and he has some cool things in store for his car, considering that it’s only a 30 min cruise from my place to his I’m very excited to provide as much progress photos and lend a helping hand with whatever I can. strtstlkr.alexs.140j-36strtstlkr.alexs.140j-37Until next time, peace out!

Ps. At the end of the shoot I thought Alex had asked me if I wanted a ride in the car and I said hell yeah, but then he threw me the keys and just let me cruise it back to his place, if that’s something a cool as dude would do then I don’t know what is. I’m just glad he told me that 1st gear was to the left and down and that I didn’t grind anything.

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