DTP with Pedro’s S14

The power of social media is crazy, you can literally make friends from complete strangers. I remember as a kid my parents would tell me all the time to not talk to strangers and especially anyone from the internet. Well look at me now, it’s 2017 and I can say that all of my good friends have came from doing the exact opposite of that.

I met Pedro and his 1999 240SX through Instagram where he’s known as @lowborghini. The story goes boy sees another boys car and creeps through the feed, then boy asks if he’s down to link up for some photos of said car. So I woke my ass up early on the last Sunday before I left to New Zealand and headed down to the OC. I was greeted with daps and pounds and after our short drive to get some gas I could tell Pedro was a cool dude.


Through more cruising I got to know young Pedro, we talked about work, food, music, cars and what inspired him to go with the style he’s chosen for his S14. Come to find that this version of his car is drift inspired with a VQ35de mated with a 6 speed CD009 trans ins place of the factory inline 4 banger and has a collection of parts that aid it in getting sideways with ease. Throughout the day we talked and I come to find out that this isn’t his car’s final form and that there is a new kit on the way and it will completely change the look of his build. but until then you’ll just have to keep yourselves up to date and follow Pedro on the ‘gram just as I did.

For now enjoy photos of this version from our morning’s hangs. Until next time.

STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-30STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-28STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-51Drive train: Solid 1 piece drive shaft | 4.3 welded plated differential

STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-52STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-5Aero: URAS Type 4 kitDmax D1 30mm front FRP fenders |SuperDoof FRP 50mm rear overs | R33 Ganadors | Dmax trunk wing | Dmax replica FRP vented hood

STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-34STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-33STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-8Wheels: Weds Kranze Shoki 18×10

Brakes: JDM Silvia S14 k’s 26mm aka Z32 4 pot

STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-18STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-14STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-12Suspension: Powered by Max suspension | Pop Shop angle kit

STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-7STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-38STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-40STRTSTLKR_pedros_s14-41Interior: Nadri classic steering wheel | Bride Zeta 2 bucket seat | Drift button e-brake


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