Hard Parked Sideways: Ernie’s 2JZ powered Q45

One thing I’ve learned from meeting people in the car scene is that life long friends can be made from complete strangers. Ernie is one of those guys that is always a pleasure to be around. There hasn’t been a moment that I’ve spent with him that was dull, weather it be the conversations about car stuff or freaking out the drive thru attendant at In N Out.

I first met this kind bear of a human when he first invited me to his shop in Orange back when A Bo’s car first landed here in the states prior to the LOWSTYLEHEROES event that I previously had covered and we hit it off from the get go. At that event I was able to get a ride along in his badass drift spec Infiniti Q45 dubbed YDirty3 and since that first lap I had fallen in love with this machine.

I had since then made it a mission of mine to get a feature of his Q45 on the site before I had left to New Zealand so just a few days before I hopped on the plane I stopped by and had some 1 on 1 time with him and his car.  Ernie knows his car like the back of his hand so here’s his complete build breakdown.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-65STRTSTLKR_Zestino-12-2STRTSTLKR_Zestino-47The wheels I run are Amistad Brights who I purchased from friends and had Lee Cruz @chamorroboy86 relip them to 19×10.5 -20 fronts and 19×10.5 -30 using 20mm bolt on Digicam spacers to tuck under my 50mm N-Style Type 1 flares. I am running P235/35R19 Zestino Acrova07a tires and when I wanna drive extra gangster I put on my VSK-F 18″ up front and use Zestino Gredge 07RS in P255/35R18 cus big car problems.

The body kit is a mix of all the goodies that I fell in love with going through all the VIP magazines. I remember the first time I saw Jermaine’s Y33 @maddirty3 online, I was like man, I can see myself in that car smoking the tires at full lock. lol Funny story he is one of the few that inspired me to build a Y33 and now we have his car at our shop helping him build the new look. oh and it’s gonna be super sick. check out the progress on his IG.


Richard Rabe @richardrabe is the one helping with all the body and paint on his car and he is the one who continues to keep me styling and profiling. Sam Hagen from Central Pine @centralpinesam supplies us with Aero and Richard keeps them looking fresh after every event.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-61 (1).jpgSTRTSTLKR_Zestino-64STRTSTLKR_Zestino-7Interior I am running big boy seats Sparco XL. Seat Harness I am in transition of upgrading my Takata to Schroth Racing via @frsport.us because they have add on options and they are a safer route. The suede steering wheel and Katana shift knob are from @dnd_performace_interior. I love the steering wheel because it doesn’t burn my hands therefore no need to wear gloves. It doesn’t get ugly and fuzzy like my previous brands. The hydro ebrake kit is from @asdmotorsports and the mount for it comes from @mamotorsports and happen to be a great combo.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-15STRTSTLKR_Zestino-36The coil overs I am running are Feal Suspension S13 because they allow me to keep it extra low and are valved to the weight and ride height, and with the car weight of 2760lbs it was a must to not run off-the-shelve coils. I used T-Demand Y33 top hats and S14 rear top hats.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-29STRTSTLKR_Zestino-28On the front end I am running the DriftKnuckles.com S14 angle kit. I chose this kit for two reasons. 1. Bryan Rogers knows his stuff and produced a 70 degree kit at an affordable price. 2. It is user friendly and you don’t need a suspension engineer to help you set the car up or to replace parts.I put PBM S14 solid mounts that needed to be slightly modified to fit and had my buddy Michael Essa help me with that because he is a car nerd like that and pays close attention to detail.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-1STRTSTLKR_Zestino-22The rear end I am running an S13 diff that bolts on to my stock rear sub frame with S14 PBM solid bushings. I chose the S13 over the S14 differential because this one does not have front mount bushings and allows a solid mounting point. The axle flanges are from a J30 so they work directly with my diff and also bolt on to my stock Y33 axles. Again, these stock axles are super strong and I have driven around with spares to every event I go to thinking I will need them at some point. It’s been years and they are still new in the box.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-3I am running Powered By Max S14 rear drop knuckles with the Z32 dual caliper option, so I am running that Z32 brake set up all around. All the rear S14 links are Battle Version.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-23STRTSTLKR_Zestino-4STRTSTLKR_Zestino-5STRTSTLKR_Zestino-39What makes the car unique to me is the 2jzvvti with stock internals purchased from Chris Ankor @ankor522 who has supplied me engines for most of my cars because he takes care of his customers. The engine harness is a Jzx100 1jzvvti modied to work with a Apexi Power FC. Then tuned by the wizard Koji on E85. Entire Y33 wiring and gauges were done by Jason from @rivalautoworks who does an amazing job and offers you a headache free set up.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-38I like to drive and push my car, so all the parts and places I choose to buy from are reliable and trust worthy. The transmission is a R154 with a stock rebuild that came from Driftmotion like 90% of my JZ parts did. My R154 lasts because I don’t granny shift and I double clutch when I should. I kept the stock two piece drive shaft because this car came originally with a V8 and weight almost 4,000 lbs. So why change something that works.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-37The FSRMOTORSPORTS Street Fighter Complete Turbo kit offers a solid log style manifold and can take the abuse and I don’t have to worry about cracks in the future or beat my knuckles up to service the gaskets on the set up. The set up can do more than 900hp but have it tuned at 505hp or as my sedan brother @mrchob likes to say 298hp.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-35The roll cage has nascar style door bars that protect me from @alexheilbrunn. (see my ig for that reference) The bash bars are designed to also be bumper supports and allow me to have @passwordjdm quick releases to take them off with ease. I am grateful for the great work put into the front tubing and the rest of the fabrications.

STRTSTLKR_Zestino-62STRTSTLKR_Zestino-10All the interior and exterior items have been done by @allanleonard58 and the guys at Americoat Powdercoating, who always deliver high quality with quick turn around. The paint on my car was done by Newport Auto Resto. and we chose to go with Viper Red with a higher quality single stage. Why?  Because 50 shades of any color looks awful to me. It bugs me to see the different shades after people repair and repaint panels and they don’t match. Glad I don’t have that problem. I would have to repaint after every event if that was the case. Some of you may be like “bro, it’s a Drift car and it needs to look good from 20 feet away” I agree with you and that is all good on YOUR car. I come from the Low rider World and was doing it for quite some time. I belong to the USO Car Club which is the largest Low rider Club in the world. Reason I say belong is because we are a family, they taught me what it takes to have great relationships that go beyond the cars. How to work together and help build each other up inside and outside of the Garage. The attention to detail in a car is a reflection of you and those you represent. Once I get caught up on my current build “Dream Chaser” which is a JZX100. I will then build another Low Low to make my return. I build great looking cars that are functional. My past Low riders were show quality, earning awards at shows but would also bang em on the Street of Crenshaw Blvd and up and down the West Coast. So to me all the looks, style, functionality and reliability are and always be my key ingredients to the builds. Gotta enjoy these cars to the fullest. We only get one life on earth. Make it count and remember #STYLEISACHOICE



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