A Bo: The LowStyleHero

I just want to start off by saying that A Bo is a humble dude, a man of not many words but funny with his actions. If you are reading this in your language it was a privilege to have met you, share a dressing room, and share cold pizza for breakfast with you.

My first encounter with this talented drifter from Japan was super cool, we actually met in the Zestino Tyre USA RV, I personally handed him my business card with a picture of his car on one side that I had taken a few weeks before, he was stoked, I was stoked, it was awesome to share that moment with him as he had the biggest smile and I was so happy he liked the photo and recognized it. From that point on I became an observer and just sat back and got a chance to see him interact with him with all his fans at the Zestino booth and throughout the event, from signing shirts, stickers, phone cases, even my own camera and then to having drinks with folks, judging drivers cars for style points and just talking with the people (with the help of his translators).

To people he was a celebrity, but it seemed like he was just enjoying all the love, positive vibes and all around good energy that was in the area. A Bo is cool, his car is cool and he’s an all around just cool human to be around, language barrier and all.

Until next time. 次回まで.


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