A-Bo-Moon Has Landed in the US!

I’ve always said “TFTI” as a joke, but I just want to start this by saying thanks for the invite Ernie! 

When you told me to slide in your DM’s I had no idea that it would be to go over and capture some of the first shots of probably the most talked about R32 this year as it sat on US soil. A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-3For those who may not know, this Skyline belongs to Akinobu Satsukawa, and as you may have guessed from the title, he’s not from around here. Japan is where this R32 comes from and it’s here for one reason only and that is to shred next month in Virginia for the LOWSTYLEHEROES event. A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-5(1)A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-6A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-8A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-9A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-14(1)A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-18He’s part of Drift Team A-Bo-Moon and as you can see he’s putting in some major work, which if you have not seen on YouTube I suggest you check it out ASAP. So basically what happened is a bunch of great companies got together and funds were raised to help him get him and his car stateside and the stage is set on the East Side of the US to drift with some of the best guys and teams to do it! 
This little gathering was just for a select few of us that were invited to check the car out before it got smashed up in a couple of weeks. A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-19A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-20A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-22A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-25A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-26A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-35A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-39A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-47A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-48A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-51I’m going to cut this one short because I want to save my typing for the real story next month as I will be at the track in Virginia represting the West Side where the real fun is at! See y’all there!A_Bo_Moon_R32_Lands-54

Extras (for my folks)



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