TFTI: All Star Bash 2016

I am almost always getting invited to events but this year has been one for the books so far because most events are now a 2 day deal and the job I have now gives me Sunday’s off so I take advantage of that as much as I can.

The invite to All Star Bash 2016 came from a new friend I met over at Super D the previous weekend, Dan over at Parts Shop Max slid in the DM’s and asked if I could come down ad get some shots of the FRS and RX7 that the was doing some R&D work on with thier suspension so without hesitation I said “HELL YEAH” packed my bags and the Mrs. in the car and proceed on the 2 hour drive up North to Willow Springs.


I had seen the FRS in action before but to watch this twin turbo LS swapped RX& was fucking nuts! I really wanted to ride along but due to some mechanical adjustments that needed to be made Dan felt it would be better to make those repairs in the shop instead of at the track.


On the spot wheel repairs featuring hammer.


Also ran in to the homies Derrick and Dayne from Carbyne Design Wheels and DND Performance Interior with their MK3 Supra and the GS300.


Also was stoked to see the long time homie Aaron and his S14 that has gone through some major surgery to attend his first ASB event, when i pulled up in the morning he was working underneath the car and come to find out that on his first lap the day before his clutch went out. He was bummed but that didn’t stop him, and when I rolled up of course I lent a hand out with bleeding the clutch and off we went to complete a few laps on the track….and on the final lap we were flagged off because there was smoke coming out form under the hood, come to find out some clutch fluid got on the turbo blanket and headers and caught flame, nothing was damaged but it was definitely an eventful time for him.


All in all it was a good time, weather was perfect, the cars were rad, got to see some of my homies slide their cars before they call go back into hibernation for next year.

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