Super D Matsuri pt. 1

October 9th is the forever known as the day I fell in love with drifting all over again. SuperD  was an event that was put together to showcase the fun and grassroots style of drifting, this event was held at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley, not the biggest track but definitely has some great spots to hit.

Teams from all over North America came to this middle of nowhere track and they came in full force ready to throw it all down, the spot was packed with trailers unloaded these beastly sounding cars all morning, I was fortunate enough to get to walk around the paddock prior to everyone hitting the track for the days festivities.

This baddie right here really caught my attention from the get go. // Driver @driftaru


This dude and his RX7 really woke everyone up when he rolled off the trailer.
After years of IG stalking fianally got a chance to see this s13 // Driver @tandemofdie
The guys from @villains_drift came all the way down from the PNW with steez


After years of “let’s link up and shoot” I finally got to see @richardrabe‘s X8 featuring a Chaser front, paint job was immaculate as is all the paint work he does.
@jeruizh  with his gorgeous BN fitted Altezza reppin @autofactoryrealize


The guys from @driftteamanimalstyle displaying their drift machines in a real way, also got a chance to catch Mr. @animaljuju preping his S14 for some skids


The guys from @shadynasty_drift came down from the PNW with their old school Yota’s


#mattpanichasaflipphone and his 1st gen Celica


and then there’s this 1st gen Cressida with 1UZ
Even @nakamura_naoki_n broight his S13 from the motherland to drift, really was awesome to see him from the get go just handle the course like a true G. I even picked up one of his World Friends stickers just to support him, hopefully he can come back next year to more US events.
Dan from Parts Shop Max in his FRS that’s on air ride. Finally got the chance to shake hands and put a face to the man behind a great suspension company (@partsshopmax), cant wait to go down to the facility and get a close look at the parts they produce and their shop cars.


All the drivers gathering moments before hitting the track, tune in to part 2 of this series to see these cars in action!

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