A Cool Day at Central Pine 

This story actually has its roots all the way back to 2012 which was the beginning of my blogging and photography journey, there was a monthly meet held in the city of El Monte by the car club Royal Flush Crew and I would pop my head over in my little Integra to see all the fancy cars doing cool things with camber and air ride which to me was something new. But the week before the SEMA show of that year we had the man behind Job Design bring his car to the states and a buddy of mine let me know that he was going to be at this meet so I had to go.

So I pull up (skuuurt) and see the craziness that is this Lexus LS430 in a bright red  with white accents and a crazy body kit just laid out, I mean this car was in your face with flamboyant style like no other. It was definitely cool but that’s not the car that got my attention that night, in fact it was the mysterious dark grey stealthy looking LS parked just beside it. i mean if Batman were into VIP cars this would be his. This car had everything going for it, the body lines were next level, it was the first time i had seen LED chasing lights so that got my attention, but among all this style was this giant flake windshield banner that read “CENTRAL PINE”

Now that years have passed I have grown to learn that Central Pine is the known for their one off VIP builds. Over time and through social media and mutual friends I was introduced to Sam who invited me over to his shop and allowed me to take some photos of his Q45 as well as his lady’s GS.

This wasn’t my first time being acquainted with is Infiniti as I have seen it at a few shows here and there but this was the first time I was able to get up close and personal and really get to admire all the attention to detail that Sam put into his work.

Let me just bring up the elephant in the room, some might think that Sam’s Q is too low to drive and that he must air all the way up to drive around but the honest truth is that this  car is build to drive at this height the entire time, that’s right everyone his Q is static.

Is it tough to drive, you bet your ass it is but it’s something Sam takes pride in, the car is utilizing a complete custom suspension system brought to you by the good folks across the ocean at T-Demand. every link is designed with quality and the durably to be able to hover through these streets and smoothly as possible

But it’s not just about a low driving height, Sam’s car is put together with some of the most finesse i have seen in a build in my years of  being familiar with cars. Sporting an Aimgain body dress up kit with nothing but perfect fitment, interior is just as beautiful as the outside but you will have to just take my word on that because Sam thought it was too dusty inside to take photos.


To me it’s a bit refreshing to see a build that isn’t too crazy with the widest wheels or a wide body but just the perfect amount of everything. All in all a beautiful car that you just have to see in person to really appreciate.

…and on that note I finish this piece and leave with some of my favorite extra photos from the day’s shoot.wp-1474947655042.jpgwp-1474947673216.jpgwp-1474947503741.jpg

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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