Bitch I’m Back Strong!

It’s been a long time coming but I’m proud to announce I’m back in the car scene, I’ve been on hiatus for a little over a year now, I wasn’t active because I didn’t have a platform to work with and felt was worthy enough to pour my heart into. But that time is has passed now that I got myself a new ride.

Courtesy of S. Hernandez (@le_surge)

This is my newest acquisition, a 1993 Lexus GS300. At first glance you might say “but Steven it has a Toyota emblem right in the front” and you would be correct. This car has a good amount of its JDM counterparts parts including the grille, front bumper, tail lights, door visors and even the factory deck lid aero.

Courtesy of Shane (@shallen_)

The more you look at the car you also might say to yourself that you don’t see these cars that much, and to be honest neither did I. I was shopping around for one to start on for a little while on Craigslist when I came across a post that looked too familiar.

Back in 2014 a friend of mine by the name of Danny was the owner of this car and he had asked me to help him polish his car the night before Offset Kings: Irwindale and this was the first time this GS and I got to know each other.

Fast forward almost 2 years exactly and wouldn’t you know it there she was for sale on CL and I just had to have her. I immediately messaged the homie and told him I wanted to bring he home and get her back on the streets, and that’s exactly what I did.

She was dropped off to me the next day, covered in a year’s worth of dust just caked on covering the beautiful custom paint job I once restored so long ago. I unloaded her, turned the key and just like that she fired up no issues! I urgently got her into the shop, changed all the fluids with the help of some co-workers, degreased the entire bay and of course have her a proper wash. The car you see before you took 2 weeks of elbow grease to make sure she was safe on the road. 2 weeks of adjusting, servicing and restoring. Not to mention the blessing I revived from Carbyne Design Wheels with a set of their Sprints which really set off the look I had for this car perfectly, sexy but aggressive.

Courtesy of Shane (@shallen_)

This car is far from finished, all I’ve done so far is make sure she’s in daily driving condition but the real fun start now. First event I will be attending with the Aristo is VIP FEST in SD in November and if all goes well she will have an even more aggressive look.

Before I end this I just want to give a shout out to Sergio and Shane who came thru super last minute for this shoot on a Friday after work and contributing to this first post. I’ll have a separate post of later this week of Sergio’s S30 so keep yourself updated on the drop by following me on IG @firstnamesteven & @strtstlkr

Ps. Welcome to my new blog, I tired the online portfolio for all my photography but I’m much more comfortable taking photos of cars and talking about all the cool hangs with old friends and new ones. So expect alot more new content as well as some flashbacks. Peace!

Steven “StreetStalker” Plascencia


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